Research and development

Research and Development

Oriens has a well-structured research and development department (R & D) with latest technologies and a multidisciplinary team of expertise for developing innovative health and wellness products. We have a strong belief that when it comes to research and development, we are ready to invest considerable amount of our profits for developing high- quality products. Our strong policy while developing products is "Never Compromise on Quality" and "Quality First and Profits Next". Our aim is to rediscover the traditional knowledge and rejuvenate them with modern scientific tools for everyone's use. Oriens R & D department develops products on a scientific basis in order to improve the quality of life. Oriens understands the need for having strong R & D which upgrades continuously to improve the range of products to meet the needs of the ever-growing wellness industry.



Oriens R & D Department's main goal is to provide the organization with proactive market leadership in the industry and create strong competitive advantages utilising new technologies and novel ideas in the development of innovative products. Our R&D is working on developing novel supplement products in health areas of global significance, such as lifestyle diseases and healthy aging. We constantly strive to translate our rich traditional knowledge into highly affordable products useful for common man for improving his/her quality of life.

Oriens Nutritional Supplements

Oriens develops high-quality nutritional supplements based on the current demands of the society developed based on the traditional treasures. The raw materials are procured from reputed vendors and the nutritional supplements are manufactured in a plant that follows principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The nutritional supplements are evaluated scientifically through Human Interventional Clinical studies.



Quality Control

Oriens product quality is strictly maintained by a full proof quality management system and they are manufactured using high quality raw materials screened thoroughly for their safety and efficacy as suggested by the international regulatory standards.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Oriens has a strong quality assurance and compliance policy for adhering to the regulations of the respective states. We continually improve the quality of our products through effectively addressing the customers feedback and suggestions through implementing the changes required in the production for better safety and efficacy of the products.

Assurance and Compliance

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